About Us


The company Sentosa Battery was founded in St. Petersburg in 1993 and has since become one of the largest suppliers of chemical power sources for household and industrial use, equipment and components for battery production in Russia. We are suppliers of world-class brands like PANASONIC, TOSHIBA, FAAM, ENERGIZER, MAXELL, DAEWOO, MINAMOTO, CASIL, YUASA, VANSON, SAKO, NEWARE, WELTRON, so a wide range of our products has the highest quality and reliability, which is considered and trusted by consumers not only in Russia but in the whole world.

Since foundation, we have repeatedly proved superiority and professionalism both in the field of chemical power sources, and in the development and planning of dynamic business processes for our customers, whose growth and prosperity are our success and competitiveness. Thus, we offer both a wide range of reliable products, and consulting on sales and various development programs and support for our partners. Creativity and continuous improvement of staff efficiency enable us to create flexible solutions that provide optimal use of shared resources.

Today the company "Sentosa Battery" carries out its activities in the following areas:

  • Wholesale supply of batteries of different electrochemical formulas, both of industrial and domestic purposes;
  • Supply of equipment and components for the production of batteries in Russia;
  • Deliveries of test equipment for quality control and selection of batteries;
  • Manufacture, repair and maintenance of batteries;
  • We supply a vast range of multimeters;
  • Deliveries of inverters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of our own production
A wide selection of goods that this company offers allows to meet any customers' requests.

Values of  "Sentosa Battery":
We strive to maintain a close-knit team, united by a common purpose. For this aim, we are developing a program of constant growth efficiency and professionalism of the team, encourage innovative and creative thinking in making daily decisions and develop traditions and corporate culture of the company. Only the unity of purposes and goals of the team and general understanding in a team allow us to unite efforts for the prosperity of our customers.
In this work we strictly follow the principles of «Total Quality Management» (TQM), which helps us create values and ensure the highest quality for our customers. A flexible system of discounts, sales consulting, a variety of affiliate programs and after-sales service allow us to meet the customer needs.

Philosophy of  "Sentosa Battery":
Fair dealing, ethics and friendly relationships with customers are the foundation of this company and the key to its competence.

If you have offers, inquiries or any other questions, connected with our company, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@sentosa.ru